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Tweetcaster Pro merupakan  aplikasi berbayar yang digunakan untuk sobat yang hobby nya dengan twitteran. Apliksi ini memiliki tampilan cantik dengan antarmuka yang inovatif yang membuatnya super mudah digunakan sementara dengan kemasan dengan banyak fitur. Dioptimalkan untuk ponsel dan tablet, TweetCaster telah sangat dipuji oleh pengguna dan pengulas.

TweetCaster Innovations:
- Search Party – Searching among the millions of tweets on Twitter can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But with Search Party, you can narrow down your search! For example, just search someone’s timeline. Or mentions. Or favorites. It’s how Twitter search was meant to be!
- SmartLists - Organize the chaos of your Twitter stream by grouping people into Lists, simply and easily (phones only)
- Photo Effects – Add filters, effects and captions to photo attachments
- Speak Tweets – Tap microphone on New Tweet screen to speak instead of typing
- Enhanced Widget – Updated look & scrollable/resizeable on Android 3.0+
- Zip It – Zip annoying tweeters or Twitter trends from your timeline without unfollowing
- Smart Filters – Display filtered views of your timeline that allow you to look only at tweets containing photos, links or videos (tablets only)

Plus the most features:
- Facebook – Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
- Multiple Twitter Accounts – Manage multiple Twitter accounts, post to both
- Schedule Tweets – Compose a tweet and schedule it to send later
- TweetMarker – Service that keeps your place in the timeline
- Read Later – Save long stories to Instapaper or Read It Later service
- Themes – Twelve themes to choose from
- Color Code Tweets – Choose a custom color for your Tweets and mentions
- Multiple widgets – Two different widgets allow you to bring TweetCaster to your home screen
- Advanced Retweeting – Retweet with or without comment
- Customization – Customize your visual theme, font size and notification frequency
- Long Tweets – Use Twitlonger service to tweet over 140 characters
- Replies and Conversation Threads – View all replies and conversations related to a tweet
- Who to Follow – Suggests people to follow

What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 24, 2013)
- Improved handling of Twitlonger links
- Animated GIF support
- Improvements to the copy feature
- Bug fixes

Nama FileSizeRequires Android
TweetCaster Pro For Twitter v7.65 MB2.0 Keatas

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