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Tips - Weather Services Pro salah satu widget untuk ponsel smartphone android. Dapatkan kondisi terkini saat ini, prakiraan, grafik cuaca, peta dan banyak lagi dengan jaringan terbesar stasiun cuaca profesional di seluruh dunia ...


- Live, local weather conditions and forecasts
- Access up to tens of thousands of locations around world
- 4 desktop widget (Weather&Clock 4x2, Forecast 4x1, Clock 4x1, Mini 1x1)
- Up to 10 active locations
- One of the best battery consumption application on the Market
- Webcameras & weather maps (satellite)
- Fully customizable (font types, backgrounds, colors and others)
- Easy use and high-impact visual eye candy views
- Quick access to your default clock and calendar applications
- Weather charts and details
- Cached weather maps for faster and offline viewing
-Android 2.2+, QVGA, WQVGA400/432, HVGA, WVGA800/854 compatible

Nama File : Weather Services Pro
Version : v2.3.1
Platform : Android
Requires Android : v2.2 Keatas
Size : 4.7 MB

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